Mission / Vision Statement

The company’s vision and mission is to ensure continuous growth for its customers, stakeholders and employees as well as the nation in conjunction with Malaysian’s Wawasan 2020. ALAFBARU is determined to be a leading provider of Networks & Communications solutions by offering a combination of innovative, leading edge Networking products.

Our skilled personnel shall work with our valued clients to fully understand their present and future business needs, before forwarding any proposing options. The resulting solution is able to evolve with the changing requirements. Areas of our current expertise are:-

Network Planning & Design. Network and Support Services for implemen-tation of Enterprise Networks.

Establishing & Building Mutually Beneficial long-term business relationships with customers.

Emphasizing on Quality Deliveries thus Quality Monitoring & assurance would be an on-going process throughout the entire life cycle of a project.

Enhancing Strategic commitment in Innovation and Adoption of new technology to maintain the high level of efficiency in its operation.

Maintenance Contract & Support.

WAN-Wide Area Networking & LAN-Local Area Network.

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Executive Team

Our most important assets of all assets are our staffs therefore ALAFBARU has embarked on providing an on-going training to further enhance their skills in not only Networks & Communications but also other areas for short and long term opportunities and gains.

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